CAAS GVS 3.0 Update

We publish the CAAS Ground Vehicle Standard for Ambulances on a three-year revision cycle.  We have just completed Year 1 of GVS V2.0, which initially went into effect on July 1, 2019.

Our GVS committee will convene in Year 3 to develop and establish GVS V3.0.  We already have a number of changes to consider, including updates to KKK (Change notice 13) and to the AMD Standardized Test Methods that occur during the period.

We would be pleased to accept any input or suggestions from the industry prior to the formal V3.0 development process.  Contributions received throughout this Year 2 will ultimately be submitted to the GVS Committee for review. Suggestions can be sent directly to Mark Van Arnam, Administrator or through the contact form on our website