CAAS GVS Accepting Applications for Remount Standard Work Group

We had an incredible industry response to our June 7 Remount Forum in Charlotte, NC. As a result of the forum presentations, group discussions and the clearly stated need for ambulance remount standards, CAAS GVS will be forming a Remount Standard Work Group The objective of the group is to develop recommendations for future Remount Standards to be presented to the GVS Standards Committee for consideration.

The following guiding principles have been established as a framework for the GVS Standards Committee and will be used as guidelines for this GVS Remount Work-group:

  • Ensures safety of patient, provider and community
  • Ensures the quality of ambulance design
  • Supports and enhances the quality of patient care and patient movement
  • Establishes performance based design standard
  • Supports efficient EMS operations
  • Incorporates emerging relevant technologies
  • Analyzes benefits versus costs

Current plans anticipate the Remount Standard Work Group shall meet 3-4 times over the course of the next 12 months.

All efforts will be made to keep each meeting to single day events, and may be held at various locations around the country, with consideration for ease and cost of travel.
Attendees must cover their own expenses, and commit to active participation for the duration of this work-group project. The first meeting is tentatively planned for September-October in Charlotte, NC.

The Remount Work group will be a balanced group of individuals selected based on principal function of the organization of the applicant, as well as the applicants area of experience and knowledge. In addition to the work group’s active participating members, general interest groups and materially effected parties are welcome to attend, as all meetings will be publicized and will be open to anyone who would like to attend (general attendees will be asked to per-register in consideration of space restrictions.)

Additional information on meeting dates and locations will be posted on the CAAS-GVS website

Please Note: This Work Group has been formed and is no longer accepting applications to participate.